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This is the most popular package. This package is best for clients that have the venue/s and a majority of their vendors selected but do not want to buy all of the decorations. You can use any of my decor items, at no additional cost & I have a ton of things! A mock-up of the table design will be done with the decor, so you can know what to expect for your wedding. You can add the floral design at cost, plus 25%. Each design can be quoted in advance. At the walk through, I will do room layouts & a design scheme. A personalized timeline will be provided to you. I email the timeline out to all the vendors the week prior to your wedding, as you being the primary recipient, to make sure that everyone is all on the same page. I do ask that you forward the timeline to family and attendants, and at the rehearsal, I will bring paper copies to share. I will guide you through the rehearsal, wedding, and reception. The day of the wedding I bring two assistants. My team and I will arrange tables, chairs, place linens, place cards, set the decor up and after the wedding – take it down. I will take care of all the last minute details so that you and your family can enjoy your wedding day.

I provide gentle guidance with your bridal party. I will also coordinate with all the vendors, as there are always last minute questions and changes. I can transport ceremony flowers & items to the reception. My staff can greet and guide your guests at the reception. I can bustle your dress or pin it if a bustle breaks. I carry an emergency bag for just about any need. (Side note, I mostly put things back together, tape/glue/safety pins/sewing. lol)  I can cut the cake/s. Distribute any final payments. Take cards & gifts to a designated car. Return small rental items. Includes four meetings, unlimited phone, text, and email.






Peak inside a few weddings. Look at all the details like the decor, the table setting and room arrangement, lighting, flowers, location and personal touches. No cookie cutter weddings baked here.


Every girl dreams about beautiful flowers on her wedding day. It's your chance to show off your style and personality. Select your favorite flower and colors to create the perfect day.



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