How much does a wedding cost?

I always answer with a rhetorical question, of how much does a house cost? So you see, there are a lot of variables. But on average my clients spend anywhere from 15K to 25K. And have about 150 guests. I have done weddings where they have spent less, and some a lot more. But it gives you an idea, and I have to interject, I like to make it look like we spent a million dollars, but we didn’t spend anywhere near that!

How long have you been doing weddings?

Professionally, since 2000. But I did start with my wedding in 1997, and my friends asked me to help them with their weddings. So I got to practice on them!

How many clients do you have a year?

It varies. But on average about 4 clients for total coordination, and 16 clients who do day of consulting.

Why do I need a wedding planner?

Well honestly, you don’t need a wedding planner. But it makes your life easier if someone is assisting you. I hear over and over again from vendors, thank goodness you are here – we turn into the wedding planner when the bride and groom don’t hire someone. Which sounds great – two for the price of one! But in reality, you are losing some of their main services to you. Or that the bride or mom had to do all the directing/work, and couldn’t enjoy the wedding. I can’t say enough, you are spending a lot of money for one day to be perfect. I think you and your families should relax and enjoy the day!

How can I become a wedding planner?

Easy! Create a name, and get some business cards, and poof you too can be a wedding planner. O’ you might want some training. Well, you can contact me, and I do train people to become consultants. Now, I do not have ANY employees. So there are NO paychecks. Most of the folks that work with The Bride’s Assistant, have another steady source of income.

Requirements: willing to work weekends, be a pack mule, and have fun! Please send a letter of interest and resume for my review.

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened at a wedding?

I always feel like I let people down when I answer this question…one, cause they want to hear the juicy gossip, and I don’t have that much…except for the one time a homeless man with a HUGE Green Bunny walked into a reception and asked for some deviled eggs. My Bride was very tickled, and said stated that you just can’t make that stuff up! FYI – we gave him some food, and he was happy, despite the fact there were NO deviled eggs.

How did you get into Wedding Planning?

Well, I did my own wedding, and then my friends started asking me to help them with theirs. So I helped them, and one of them said I should do this as a business, and my mom encouraged me as well. I have a social work degree, but that wasn’t happening. I thank all of you who are strong enough to be able to do such work.

How do you deal with Bridezillas?

Well, I think about this one differently. I don’t think I have any bridezillas. I think that Brides want things to go a certain way, and I speak the language of crazy and obsessed with the wedding. And I know how important ALL of the details are….which some are over the top. But, My motto is, I Never say No to a client. Most of the time, I can figure out a way to achieve the same results, and sometimes I have to just tell them how much it Costs.