Wedding Cake: How To Buy The Right Size [Infographic]

huge wedding cake white four layers

by Andrea Robinson

When I was a little girl, I always imagined this huge wedding cake in my head. It would be classic round tiers, white with fresh flowers and lots of detailed icing and it would feed the world – well not really. I did make up pictures in my mind that it would be a pretty elaborate cake and taste yummy. Maybe you are not wondering yet about wedding cake and how to buy the right size, but it is an important detail.

I didn’t think about how much cake I would need for my guest list of 150 or so until I met with my cake lady. I could have learned a lot about cake styles and how many portions each style will feed based on how the cake is cut and the size of each layer. This infographic explains how much wedding cake will you need on the big wedding day.

Let’s face it having a little extra cake is okay at the end of the evening for the parents to share with friends and family. Hopefully, you will have set off on the honeymoon because the cake is the last thing on your mind. You won’t care about cake then…you are off to share some real R&R in wedded bliss. There are a few other outside factors that affect how to plan for enough cake, but this will get you started.

The reality is that (no matter how you slice it) you are not into wasting precious dollars on the excess cake then you will want to plan. Oh, and don’t forget to count the groom’s cake into the cake eating extravaganza or your planner will be boxing up and wrapping it up tightly to go home with the family.

cake serving sizes by tier and size

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